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The Australind Bunbury Tourist Drive, designated as Tourist Drive 260, is a 14-kilometre-long (8.7 mi) historic route from Leschenault to Bunbury via Australind. It is an excellent opportunity to visit the Greater Bunbury region before continuing onto Busselton and the South West.

From Forrest Highway (at the point that was the intersection of the former Australind Bypass and Old Coast Road), the route travels south to Australind via Old Coast Road, east of the Leschenault Inlet.

At Pelican Point in Eaton, the route turns southwest along Estuary Drive, entering Bunbury after crossing the Preston River. Travellers should turn right onto Koombana Drive travelling past the Leschenault Inlet and Koombana Bay. The Tourist Drive continues along Clifton Street, turning left onto Ocean Drive and along Bunbury's Back Beach and past the Maidens Reserve. At Wellington Avenue, the tourist drive turns left, finally joining Bussell Highway.

Local Tip: Take the Cathedral Avenue Scenic Drive, turning off National Route 1 (Forrest Highway) at Buffalo Road, Leschenault and then join the Australind Bunbury Tourist Drive at the intersection of Cathedral Avenue and Old Coast Road.

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