The biggest Jarrah tree in Australia is hidden deep within the Mornington State Forest near Brunswick Junction. Located on Big Tree Road, the Jarrah Hadfield is more than 10 metres in circumference and over 260 years old. Try wrapping your arms around that.

This impressive Jarrah specimen is on the National Register of Big Trees.

Note: Big Tree is a gravel road and may be difficult to access in the wetter months of the year. Also, the tree is not signed. However, it can be found at 33°12'26.2"S 115°57'12.8"E.

Directions: Head south along Big Tree Road from Mornington Road. Go past the Sandalwood Road turn off. Further south on Big Tree Road you come to about four roads going in all directions. The "Big Tree" is located on the west side of this intersection.


QXV3+4C Mornington WA, Australia

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