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Boola Bidi Dreaming is the tourism brand for the Harvey Aboriginal Corporation, situated in Korijekup (Harvey) on Bindjareb Noongar Boodja.

They proudly share Australia's rich and ancient culture, the oldest continuous living culture in the world, through a range of products and services including cultural ceremonies, guided walk tours, bush food and medicine workshops, artefact and tool making, Noongar language lessons, art commissioning. These services are offered both both outdoors on-Country, as well as indoors at the Boola Bidi Dreaming Centre.

The Boola Bidi Dreaming Centre is the hub of Noongar culture in Harvey, as well as retailing a range of products such as clothing, artwork, homewares, giftwares, books, bush ingredients, artefacts, beauty and cosmetics and much more!


Open Thursday - Monday: 10am to 3pm including Public Holidays.

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