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The Harvey Aboriginal Corporation (HAC) is a community initiative designed to enrich lives through guided connection to land & culture. Here are just a few of the experiences they offer:


Bush Tucker & Medicine Workshops

The South West is home to healthy, diverse and thriving vegetation that has been used by Noongar People for food and medicine for thousands of years. In these workshops, HAC shares some of the traditional uses for many plants, bushes and trees which you see everyday, based on the six seasons.


Fire & Tool Making Workshops

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the materials and resources we need to craft tools and weapons such as spears, axes and carrying vessels. A key component of tool making is the use of fire. Join HAC as they discuss the importance of fire in  culture and life, and teach you how to make a fire and tools the traditional way.


Art Commissioning & Workshops

Bindjareb country is home to many talented artists, who all have their own unique style and techniques based on learnings passed down throughout generations. HAC has a strong connection with the local artist network and can facilitate the delivery of art workshops or commissions for individuals, groups, organisations and events.


Song, Dance or Didgeridoo Workshops

Harvey is home to a passionate inter-generational troupe of Noongar singers, dancers and didgeridoo players including Elders, men, women, boys and girls. In these workshops, HAC members share ancient stories and knowledge through song, dance and sound.


Noongar Language Course

HAC members, Sharon and Karen, are local qualified Noongar language teachers who provide an introduction and cultural immersion experience into the Noongar language. The aim is to develop listening and speaking skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Bush Walks with Noongar Elders

Walk alongside local Elders through bush and special sites throughout Bindjareb country. As custodians of ancient history, knowledge and culture, Elders will provide you with an insight into bush plants, food and medicine, as well as share stories of the local area and activities. Tours can be tailored to meet your needs, whether that be 1 hour, a half day, a full day or other, and can include other services and catering on request.

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